2014 Training


Training days will be Thursday and Friday (June 19-20, 2014).
All training includes conference admission!!
We have 2 exciting courses to choose from.

Course 1

Intro to Penetration Testing

This 2-day course will give you hands-on experience in many facets of penetration testing.
We will briefly touch on the basics of using Kali Linux as well as programming and scripting. We will study the Metasploit Framework before using it and supporting tools to simulate a penetration test against target virtual machines.
Starting with information gathering, we will move through the phases of penetration testing. The class will begin with basic, easily exploitable vulnerabilities, but will also cover the latest client side issues being exploited in the wild. This course will heavily focus on post exploitation techniques such as privilege escalation, lateral movement, and pivoting.
We will study advanced techniques such as bypassing anti-virus and IDS systems. The basics of developing exploits manually will be covered. We will turn our custom exploits into Metasploit modules.
Finally, we will take a look at the rapidly developing field of mobile hacking. The course will finish with a live capture the flag environment where students can test what they have learned.

Students must bring a laptop capable of running virtual machines for this class.

Instructor Bio:thumbgw

Georgia Weidman is a penetration tester, security researcher, and trainer. She holds a Master of Science degree in computer science, secure software engineering, and information security as well as holding CISSP, CEH, NIST 4011, and OSCP certifications. Her work in the field of smartphone exploitation has been featured in print and on television internationally. She has presented her research at conferences around the world including Shmoocon, Blackhat, Hack in the Box, and Derbycon. Georgia has delivered highly technical security training for conferences, schools, and corporate clients to excellent reviews. Building on her experience, Georgia founded Bulb Security LLC, a security consulting firm specializing in security assessments/penetration testing, security training, and research/development. She was awarded a DARPA Cyber Fast Track grant to continue her work in mobile device security culminating in the release of the open source project the Smartphone Pentest Framework (SPF). She is the author of Penetration Testing: A Hands-on Introduction to Hacking from No Starch Press.
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Course 2

Hardware Hacking

Want to learn how to code? Want to make things with hardware? Come take the two day workshop on intro to programming and Arduino.
The workshop is meant for beginners to coding and hardware. If you have experience with either, fear not there will be plenty to learn.
By the end of the two day workshop you will have some cool hardware talking to your laptop and visualizing real data! This workshop will be taught in Processing (Java) and Arduino. Attendees will need a laptop.

Instructor Bio(s):
H. Cole Wiley:
Cole is a sculptor and computer scientist with experience in software development, web development, sculpture, digital art, interactive installations, computer vision, 3d modeling, rapid prototyping, and a couple other things. His favorite language at the moment is CoffeeScript. He enjoys a double espresso in the morning, and a rye whiskey neat in the evening.

Michael Cousins:
Michael is a mechatronics engineer and coffee enthusiast. He got himself a 3D printer in college and never really looked back. He’s worked designing and building plastic injection molded parts, circuit boards, and robots. The robots only occasionally try to hurt him; that’s why we make him wear safety goggles.
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