2018 Training

We are pleased to announce 1, 2 and 4 day trainings at NolaCon!

Note: the Conference runs immediately post training: May 18-20.

All trainings include full conference admission to NolaCon.

1-day training (May 17, 2018)

2-day trainings (May 16-17, 2018)

4-day training (May 14-17, 2018)

1-day trainings (May 17, 2018):

Social Engineering 101 (May 17th)

Social Engineering is becoming more prevalent in security assessments as it provides considerable value in penetration testing. Not only are clients requesting this type of testing, some compliance frameworks also require it.

There are multiple ways that both attackers and pentesters utilize Social Engineering. This course will cover the following topics: Social Engineering, Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering, and Vishing (Voice-Phishing). Each phase will include labs and challenges, giving students hands on experience. (more info)

2-day trainings (May 16-17, 2018):

Modern Red Team Immersion Bootcamp (May 16 & 17)

In reality penetration testing and red teaming are NOT synonyms. It’s one thing to search for vulnerabilities, but it’s entirely different when you operate in that fuzzy space between simulating an adversary and being the adversary. Welcome to the Modern Red Team Immersion Bootcamp where the focus is on strategy and realistic execution rather than tools and vulnerability findings.

In this training students will dive headfirst, immersing themselves, into a pool of deliberate self-doubt, mental masochism, and tactical triumph. Those crazy enough will find themselves knee deep in recon and attack planning against a target of their choosing and will engage in the subtle art of balancing the liberty of a true no-scope-yoloswag red team engagement with the need to achieve a specific desired impact, normally that means stealing the most important stuff without getting caught. Students can expect to be challenged to know their enemy, define impactful targets, craft a fool proof targeted spear phish, get up in that west coast post exploitation vector swag, exfiltrate that sweet big data booty, and more! Not to worry, nothing illegal will be permitted.(more info)

Intro to PowerShell and How to Use It for Evil (May 16 & 17)

This two day course is designed to take people with little to no scripting knowledge and help them learn how to effectively use PowerShell to write custom scripts. Through hands on exercises, you’ll learn not just how to use existing offensive tools but how to create your own scripts and modules to handle various stages of an engagement. We’ll cover common PowerShell based attacks as well as how to detect and defend against PowerShell “misuse” in your environment. (more info)

A Pen Tester’s Guide to Linux (May 16 & 17)

This course is designed to be an introduction to Linux with a bit of a bend from the penetration tester’s view. While experience with Linux may be useful, it is not required to have success in this course.
The class will be an introduction to Linux and working with the command-line interface. We’ll look at the basics, some of the best tools not just for hacking but also supporting your operating system. (more info)


4-day training (May 14-17, 2018):

Hands-On Hacking (May 14-17)

In this 4 day class, students will learn the fundamentals of testing their IT environments.  Using hands-on labs they will receive practical experience with various security issues that face organizations. At the end of each day they will participate in a Capture the Flag which will re-enforce their training. By the end of the course, students will have the skills to create a robust testing program for their organization. (more info)