This year we have lots of fun stuff to do besides see the talks.

Friday Night we have our Happy Hour sponsored by BugCrowd!! – open bar, live music, and tons of fun.  Ever see a sci-fi based brass band?  We have that!  6pm-7pm.  Also BugCrowd is doing a raffle during happy hour, enter to win a FitBit.

Saturday Night, we have Dual Core performing, more open bar (trend?).  And we have 2A03 opening for Dual Core, yup that is a nintendo based band with a lead guitar, and they are the opener… it’s gonna be a night.

During the con we have 2 CTF’s running:

The first is a Open Source Intelligence Capture the Flag, finding social info.  


Our technical Capture the Flag, our sponsor, Chiron is running a full pyramid based CTF.   They will have tables in the chill out room for all to participate.

And…. much like last year they may be wifi routers around the con (or on people) that you can find… more details to come.