Capture the Flag!

We have a great new CTF for 2017!!!  This will run over the weekend during the Con.

What is a CTF?: A CTF is an event during which students, teachers, and professionals come together to compete against one another in an effort to test and expand cyber-security skills and awareness. Participants will be challenged with cyber-security related puzzles from categories like network exploitation, cyber forensics, cryptography, and cyber trivia. Each challenge hides a unique string called a ‘flag’ and participants will receive points for each captured flag. The competition for Nola-con will not only be flag based but we will also be hosting 2 castles.

Categories: Cryptography, Network Exploitation, Packet Analysis, Programming, Reverse Engineering, Steganography, and Hacker Trivia
What score engine do we use? We use a custom built scoring engine called Hack the Arch.

What are castles? There will be 2 vulnerable hosts (1 linux based and 1 windows based). These hosts are free to be hacked. When you do hack the hosts you will be able to claim the castle as your own and defend it. The longer you control the castles the more points you earn.

Prizes: We have great prizes for this year provided by Hak5 and NoStarch Press!!

This year’s CTF is being run by: