Capture the Flag

We are happy to have Chiron sponsoring this year’s capture the flag event at NolaCon!!

Chiron’s Pyramid Capture the Flag (CTF) competition is an individually played and highly challenging cybersecurity experience hosted within a contained virtual network and accessed on-site using player’s own laptops or the limited laptops provided.

Registration will be open throughout the entire event. Players will be able to access the Pyramid throughout the day for any period of time, allowing opportunities to attend talks and other events at the conference.
Each player will be provided a Chiron Linux “attack” VM on a USB stick that contains 20 additional CTF challenges for players to work on from anywhere. Access to the scoreboard and Pyramid of 15 target hosts will be provided through a wired connection to a closed network. The Pyramid hosts are visualized on one or more projector screens that reflect the captured status in real-time. There are 4 levels on the Pyramid that increase in difficulty and represent deeper networked hosts.

Scoring will be recorded across three categories: most hosts captured, highest level on the pyramid, and most flags captured. Prizes will be presented in-person to winners in each category at the end of the competition.

Top 5 finalists in each category are also provided a set of coveted Chiron swag for their notable achievements.

Nolacon 2016_Chiron CTF Graphic